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Timothy O. Cornell, Financial Advisor and Branch Manager

“During the years we’ve worked with Stephen our production has doubled and our headcount has decreased through self-selected attrition. He has helped our team members collaborate more effectively while building on their individual strengths. He has guided the leadership of our team through significant transition. Stephen comes highly recommended.”

Rev. David Smith, Lead Pastor, Fairhaven Church

“It is great to share ideas, best practices, and resources. We have a resource we have used that I want to share with all of you. It is Stephen Julian! Stephen understands the large church very well. He works with leadership teams to develop better team dynamics and focus. He is an extremely gifted communicator and very intuitive in providing feedback. Don’t miss an opportunity to have him come and meet with your team.”

Del Creps, CEO, Envision Radiology

“As the CEO of Envision Radiology, a national medical imaging company, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Stephen. I have found myself better equipped to objectively and positively handle issues in my personal and professional life. Stephen is an invaluable sounding board, providing wisdom and insight gleaned from his years of consulting. As an owner and executive I have worked closely with a number of advisors and consultants. Stephen is truly one of the best.”

Peter D. Crane, Executive Director, Erickson Communities

“Thank you for leading our annual management retreat. I received multiple comments and thank-yous for engaging you as our speaker. Many said that your way of communicating, teaching, and engaging the audience to think went beyond their expectations and they didn’t want the day to end. We are an organization that invests in our employees and the money spent on this retreat has had an immediate payoff.”

Dr. Tom Henderson, Superintendent, Centerville City Schools

“The research literature contains overwhelming evidence of the correlation between effective schools and the leadership by the building principal. Dr. Julian provided thought-provoking educational dialogue which challenged our administrators and promoted positive self-reflection. I have no doubt he would provide this same kind of service to your institution. In addition, Dr. Julian has also been a regular presenter in our Teacher Staff Development Programs. He has also made himself available for individual conferences working one-on-one with many of our staff.”

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