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What We Provide

We offer coaching and consulting services through five delivery channels:

  1. Individualized executive coaching comprised of two 60-minute sessions per month by phone or videoconference with follow-up notes and between-session support;

  2. "Six Steps to a Healthy Team" transformative team sessions delivered over a period of three to five months;

  3. Completion of projects tailored to specific client needs;

  4. Interactive topical seminars and facilitation of retreats, off-sites, and planning sessions; and

  5. Motivational public speaking (distinguished from seminars by being less interactive and involving larger audiences).

Benefits of Our Partnership
Coaching / Retainer
  • You reach well-reasoned strategic decisions.

  • You are accountable to implement behavioral commitments you have made.

  • You process and prepare for communication events (such as conversations, reviews, interviews, meetings, and presentations).

  • You are able to vent to a safe outsider who listens and provides honest feedback.

  • Creates self-awareness among team members.

  • Enables team members to identify and build on strengths, as well as addressing debilitative weaknesses (that is, weaknesses that undermine their effectiveness).

  • Allows teams to overcome longstanding differences to reach a point of renewed productivity and appreciation for others.

  • Helps the team to implement strategies for healthy communication using our model: Six Steps to a Healthy Team (click on the link to see a PDF of this model).

  • Keeps the audience entertained and engaged.

  • Allows the leader to observe and participate without having to focus on leading the event, while enabling team members to consider key principles from new perspectives.

  • Provokes the audience to think about issues of significance and emphasizes practical, behavioral takeaways.

  • Focuses on the success of both individuals and the teams they represent.

General Benefits
  • Your quality of life improves as you find a balance in your quest for professional and personal success.

  • Your effectiveness as a leader improves as you build on your strengths and surround yourselves with carefully selected team members who complement those strengths.

  • Our role is that of confidential advisor, trusted sounding board, and honest outsider not caught up in the politics of the situation or organization.

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